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blue wave crashing with Hawaiian landscape in background

Happy 2019 everybody! With the new year comes a new season of surf competitions. The waves have been pumping and we can’t help but get a little giddy every time we check the surf report. It doesn’t matter if you’re a devout surfer or have never touched a surfboard in your life, Hawaii surf competitions are an insanely beautiful and amazing sight to experience. Between the months of November and March, massive swells frequent Oahu’s North Shore with some of the best waves in the world. These waves call to the top surfers on the planet and act as the platform for the most exciting surf competitions. This month on the blog we’re talking a little bit about how these competitions work and dishing a list of upcoming events for which to be on the lookout. So without any further adieu, let’s duck dive in!

Because the surf league can’t predict specific dates for the best weather conditions and surf, contests are typically given date windows in which any given competition might take place. This allows officials to monitor the waves for prime wave quality. We suggest checking the contest website for daily announcements on whether the competition is on or off. World Surf League is also a solid and reliable website with which to check the status of events, they usually host the top contests and provide live surf updates.

As mentioned in last month’s blog post, The Eddie Aikau Big Wave International event is the premier event in the sport of surfing. It’s window runs from December 1st 2018 through February 28th 2019 and is currently in session. In the past 33 years of running, the contest has only been given the go ahead a total of eight times. If you’re lucky enough to be around Waimea Bay when they give the competition a green light, good for you. It’s a contest you do not want to miss.

Next on our list of upcoming surf events is the Volcom Pipe Pro. This event isn’t a part of the championship tour but you can still expect to find some of the best surfers in the world taking on the waves at Banzai Pipeline. If you’re on Oahu anywhere between January 29th to February 10th 2019, check the WSL website for contest updates. It’s a great competition to watch and be a part of — the waves are insane and the beaches are usually a little less packed.

The Sunset Open is another competition not apart of the championship tour, however it is a men’s qualifying event (contests in which professional surfers must take part of and win in order to make it to the WSL championship tour) and brings some of the very best surfers in the world to Sunset Beach. From January 18th to the 28th, keep a pair of binoculars in your car (the actual break is quite far out) and check the event website for contest updates.

The Sunset Open is to adult men 19 and older as The Sunset Pro Junior is to boys and girls 18 and under. It’s a qualifying even for the WSL Junior division. Though these surfers may be young, they are insanely talented and worth the watch. The event window is the same as the Sunset Open as is the platform. Sunset Beach is on fire around this time.

We are obvious fans of all things ocean related, surfing included. We love the competitive spirit and the talent that it brings to our very own North Shore. We hope this guide to surf competitions sparked your interest. Did we miss any major events coming up, let us know! Weʻd love to add them to our watchlist. Once again, Happy 2019 folks — remember who to call for a good old North Shore adventure!

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