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man scuba diving in ocean near fish

Here at North Shore Explorers the ocean is unfamiliar territory for most of our customers. A lot of people come to us wanting to better explore the world that lies beneath the surface. To this we are quick to recommend scuba diving – a relaxing activity that is sure to make your underwater dreams a reality. All you need is a little bit of training to get started. Below are a few simple steps to take before you can get your scuba on.

Step 1: Determine whether you meet the physical prerequisites.

With ongoing modern improvements to medicine, training and dive equipment, scuba diving has become possible for people of all ages and sizes. Those with a basic level of physical fitness and who are comfortable in the water make prime candidates. Of course, there are a small amount of specific medical conditions that make scuba diving off limits, we recommend you see your physician if you are unsure as to whether you fit in this category or not.

Step 2: Get your gear.

Diving is made possible with scuba equipment. All scuba divers will need a set of properly fitting and well-maintained gear before taking on the deep blue. Most scuba packages are sold complete with both scuba gear and a beginner’s course – which leads us to Step 3.

Step 3: Choose a course that is right for you.

While diving naturally comes with some risks (like any sport, really), said risks can be left at a minimum when divers have learned how to properly use their gear and follow safety guidelines. Here at North Shore Explorers we provide an efficient dive theory lesson, followed by an explanation on how to use your equipment before heading out to an introductory level dive with a professional instructor. Once you master the skills we’ve taught, you will be introduced to all that North Shore’s underwater paradise has to offer.

Step 4: Ask questions.

There is no such thing as a “stupid” question when it comes to scuba diving. During and after your introductory dive you will have questions like “how do I prevent my mask from fogging?”, “how deep can I dive?”, “why does diving make me need to pee?”. These are all valid questions that we’ll be happy to answer. The more you know and the better prepared you are, the greater your diving experience will be.

Give our adventure center a call to book a scuba diving excursion. We can’t wait for you to see what Hawaii’s underwater paradise has to offer – you won’t believe your eyes!

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