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Hawaiian snack in a cup

We’re big supporters of all things outdoors here at The Outpost, we cannot get enough of this beautiful paradise we’re blessed to call home. Sometimes all the adventuring we do can really burn us out. It’s important to keep our bodies and minds nourished, and the one thing we can always count on to get us through our day is FOOD! Below is a list of our favorite local adventure snacks.

This local snack is our favorite for two reasons — it’s easily accessible and it’s cheap! Spam musubi puts a local spin on the Japanese ongiri (rice balls wrapped in seaweed). With just three simple ingredients — rice, spam and nori — you can either make your own or grab a couple from your nearest 7-11. The combination of salty spam, crunchy nori and rice makes it a no-brainer adventure snack.

The Hawaiian word poke means to “slice” or “cut into pieces”. This popular local dish of diced then marinated fish, shellfish or tako is one of our favorites simply for the punch of flavor it packs. You can buy poke (with rice on the side) by the bowl at most grocery stores on the island. But don’t forget to bring a cooler to store it all, especially if you have a long day ahead, remember you’re dealing with uncooked meat.

Manapua is the local version of the Chinese char siu bao. The word manapua is abbreviated for the Hawaiian phrase mea ‘ono pua’a meaning “delicious pork thing”. We don’t think there’s ever been a more accurate description of a food. Keep in mind that this pork-filled bun is easy to take on the go and best eaten warm.

There you have it — our top three favorite local adventure snacks! Trust our tastebuds and grab all three for your next Hawaiian adventure, then come back and tell us all about it. We’re obsessed with all things Hawai’i, including the food! Cheehoo!

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