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holiday vacation accommodations on the shore in Hawaii

There’s something about sandy shores, lush landscapes and never ending sunshine that really get us going. With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your next vacation destination! While Hawaii will always be our very favorite tropical destination, there are several other places in the world that bring us that same beautiful and exotic breath of fresh air. This month we’ve made a list of our top 5 tropical vacay spots.

    This little island in the middle of French Polynesia will quickly take your breath away. While Bora Bora sits amongst the most beautiful places in the world, it may also hold the most cultural appeal. The people (most of whom speak French) are friendly, and the food is unreal. Throw on the plethora of water related activities and the picturesque hikes, and it’s easy to understand why many rank Bora Bora, Tahiti as a top tropical vacation destination.
    This dreamy string of islands is popular for its crystal clear beaches and colorful coral reefs. The people are nice and the weather is outstanding. This destination is not only great for the traveling adult but also friendly to children. Plan a tropical getaway for the whole family!
    The Maldives are made up of about 98% water, so if crystal-clear shores are on your list of “must-haves”, this gorgeous destination is the place for you. Water will most definitely be the focal point of your tropical vacation here! The surfing, diving and snorkeling are all sure to be world-class. Some may also choose to swim with whale sharks or manta rays.
    If gorgeous beaches and private villas interest you, add St. Barts to your next vacation destination. While accommodations and food cost more than your average vacation, the out-of-this-world shopping, dining and cultural emersion, that many other destinations fail to have, will make up for it.
    Bali delivers a top notch tropical vacation with a side of spiritual awakening. While the surf, the sun and the people are all amazing, the temples also deliver a certain rejuvenation for the soul. Bali allows you to take a step back and appreciate the world.

Our top 5 tropical vacation destinations offer natural beauty, warm weather, clear water and cultural appeal. While Hawaii is our all-time favorite tropical vacation spot, we are so grateful to live in a world full of beauty of every sort. We hope our list has left you prepared for the summer and all of the adventures to come.

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