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King Kamehameha Statue in hawaii

Last month Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced over Instagram his leading role and overflowing excitement for the upcoming Warner Bros. film “The King”. The movie is set to tell the story of the legendary King Kamehameha I — the ruler that united the warring Hawaiian islands. Here at The Outpost we take pride in our state and truly believe that one cannot move forward without looking back. We thought it the perfect time for a quick history lesson on our beloved King.

Kamehameha I was destined for greatness. Ancient Hawaiian legend foretold of a great chief that would be born when a light with feathers like a bird passed through the sky. Historians teach that Kamehameha was born in the year 1758, the same year Halley’s comet passed over the islands. To protect the identity of the destined one Kamehameha was given the birth name Paiea. After the death threats of warring clans passed, Paiea was renamed Kamehameha, “The One Who Stands Alone”.

Kamehameha was trained as a warrior and his renowned strength was demonstrated when he overturned the reportedly 3-ton Naha Stone. (The Naha Stone still lies in Hilo today.) During Kamehameha’s training, warfare among islands chiefs was common and ever-growing. With the goal of uniting all of the Hawaiian kingdoms, Kamehameha enlisted the help of western weapons and war advisors brought by Captain James Cook in 1778. Kamehameha won massive battles at Iao Valley, Maui and Nuuanu Valley, Oahu before receiving the agreement from King Kaumualii of Kauai to become one kingdom under Kamehameha’s rule.

This unification of the Hawaiian kingdom was momentous for two reasons. One, it was an incredible feat. Two, the islands under separate rule may have been further torn apart by western interests. For this we say thank you to Kamehameha The Great.

Though this may have been the shortest history lesson you’ve ever received, we hope you have a better understanding of what King Kamehameha I means to us here at The Outpost and what we’ll be thinking of when we see “The King” in theaters. To learn more about what makes Hawaii special, visit our RentalsActivities, and Tours tabs. Let us help you explore paradise.

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