Weʻre huge outdoor enthusiasts here at The Outpost. Itʻs no surprise that todayʻs post is all about mountain biking. Every biker remembers his or her first time — the bike, the rocks, the streams, the scenery, feeling terrified yet excited all at the same time. Like every hobby, there are always tips or tricks you wish someone had told you before starting out. Here are a few of our pro tips for every novice mountain biker.


There is a phenomenon observed in humans called Target Fixationwhich suggests that by staring at something you want to avoid you inadvertently increase your risk of hitting it. It is important to remember that your bike moves in the direction of your eyes. Keep your head up and your eyes forward.


Mountain bikes are meant to handle the earth’s natural terrain — rocks, roots and all. Let your bike do its job. The more technical the trail, the more room your bike needs to move and adjust. This means your body needs to be able to go with the flow. Tightening up your body and fighting the bike’s natural flow will only make things harder.


Though it may seem unreasonable at times, maybe even reckless, retaining speed — sometimes even speeding up — will make clearing rough terrain easier. With speed your mountain bike has the one thing it needs to keep stay in forward motion: momentum. Always maintain momentum.

We hope these novice biking tips make your first riding experience unforgettable. Here at The Outpost we’re constantly encouraging people to get out and have an adventure. If your need for adventure brings you to Oahu, make sure to hit us up for a good time. Aloha!