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Disc Golf Oahu

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+

Play Disc Golf at Oahu’s Turtle Bay!

If you are looking for a fun way to spend some time in the North Beach and get some exercise, join us for some disc golf on our new nine-hole disc golf course with beautiful ocean views.

Our course is designed to be fun for beginners and a challenge for the seasoned disc golfer. Three discs are included, as well as a driver, mid-range, and a putter/approach disc.

Never played disc golf? Just like regular golf, disc golf involves playing each hole in the fewest strokes possible, but it’s played with discs similar to frisbees! This activity is a really fun new game for anyone who wants to try something out of the ordinary.

Book your disc golf game online today!

Important note: because events and activities at the Turtle Bay Resort property can overlap onto our course, please call our front desk to check availability before booking.