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Have an itch to get away for the day? You don’t need to spend hours prepping for an excursion. Just grab your swim suit, your keys and head out the door. Take a day trip to the North Shore.

For starters, pick out a good playlist or radio station (for those of you with no aux cord). The music you listen to on your drive out will set the mood for the day.

The next thing you want to do is decide what activities you want to do and what foods you want to eat. Below you will find a few things we recommend for an awesome day:

    1. Jump off the rock at Waimea Bay.

      There’s nothing more exhilarating than taking a 20-30 foot plunge and landing in refreshing clear water. Keep in mind, some of the biggest waves you’ll ever see call this place home. Be sure to check the conditions beforehand, especially during the winter months.

    2. Swim with turtles at Laniakea Beach.

      Between Waimea Bay and Haleiwa you’ll find a small beach home to dozens of turtles. Although it’s against state law to touch them, you will not be disappointed with the experience.

    3. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center.

      Whether you want to spend a couple of hours or the entire day the PCC will keep you entertained. Learn about all of Polynesia: taste the foods, learn the dances and speak the languages. On top of the village tours enjoy the Canoe Pageant, the Night Show and the Lunar Legends Lagoon Tour. The Lunar Legends Lagoon Tour gains you behind the scenes access to the magical setting of the six main island nations of Polynesia. Even little ones are invited to join in on the fun with this SUP/kayak tour.

    4. Take a hike.

      There is a wide selection (over 95) of North Shore hikes to choose from, all of which have beautiful scenery. Be sure to bring the appropriate footwear and a bottle of water.

    5. Eat at a shrimp truck.

      The North Shore is famous for their shrimp plates. Each truck is a little bit different in their recipes. (We like ‘em extra buttery and heavy on the garlic – we recommend Big Wave Shrimp)

    6. Order a bowl of shave ice.

      There are several places to get shave ice, but if you’re passing through historic Haleiwa, Matsumoto’s and Aoki’s won’t let your taste buds down.

Whether you’re playing hooky from life’s responsibilities or taking a vacation, we hope this list will guide you to a relaxing day in Hawai’i Nei.

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